Have You Seen Me Lately?

Dearest AgEdu.org friends, We hope that this post finds you all in the greatest of health and spirits! Thank you to everyone who has reached out wondering what has become of us. I can tell you that

Norman Borlaug’s Birthday & Feeding the World

It’s Norman Borlaug’s Birthday, March 25. If you don’t know much about this great man or the work he did in his lifetime, you must watch “Freedom From Famine”. A great documentary which details his life, the

[map] Average Age of Principal Farm Operators: 2012

From the 2012 Census of Agriculture.

The Farm of Tomorrow circa 1954 [video]

One of the things I love is retro-futurism. From the Jetsons to Disney’s Tomorrowland, I enjoy looking at what people used to think the future would look like. In that thread, here is Tex Avery’s “The Farm

Reddit Just Publicly Endorsed Our Multi-Reddit For Agriculture

Very cool! RT @AgMedia101: A great starting place for #AgChat & #AgEdu folks on @reddit ~> AgriReddit http://t.co/bnkDh2RcyN — reddit (@reddit) February 20, 2015